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Popcorn Mama

If you are gonna snack.  Snack Healthy!

Why Zero Waste

What Makes It Healthy?

This is what makes our popcorn healthy! We use only the best ingredients! 

We use

Organic non-GMO kernels,

which are then Popped in

Fair Trade Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Then tossed with 

Real Butter

and seasoned with

Pink Himalayan Salt! 

Making this the healthiest Popcorn snack out there!

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Healthy Snacking and Good for the Environment!

Not only do we use the best ingredients for this healthy snack we also use biodegradable bags so we can continue to enjoy these snacks for a long time to come!




Get Snacking today with the Popcorn Mama

Book us for your event!  

Dates are limited

We Do Wedding Favours

Birthday Parties

Gender Reveal Parties`~ Pink or Blue 

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